Moon Coyote: A Geomancer´s Reverie

Moon Coyote is an experimental Shortfilm shot during Quarantine in Cofradía de Suchitlán, near the Colima Volcano.   Starring Hanna Katarina Alexandra as Moon Coyote.

The character development is part of a series of experiments for the upcoming feature lenght film of Rodrigo Courtney and Hanna-Katarina Alexandra. The original music was composed by Sir Le Mat.


Hours of Shooting


Crew Members


Days of Quarantine

Appearances can be deceiving

Fuck Vaccines

Moon Coyote

a genderless warrior

manipulating reality

Moon Coyote was our voice against lockdowns, disinformation and fear narratives. The costume design was handmade based on the traditional Yemeni farmers outfit.   The art direction was made by Hanna-Katarina Alexandra and the original music by Sir Le Mat. Directed by Rodrigo Courtney aka Fangs.