Music video for Lemat´s song Glow.   A multidisciplinary collaboration between three artists, produced shot and edited during the first months of quarantine. Filmed inside of Lake Chapala and at the base of The Volcán De Fuego in Colima, Mexico.

A visual poem meant to create a moving narrative for the music of Lemat.

It is meant to be a simple exploration of the subtleties of craft, movement, light and music in tandem with nature.

Made against all odds , without production or compliance to the rules of the lockdown. This impromptu piece ended up to be a testimony of freedom, a quiet pause and the human ability to be reborn over again.


What They’re Saying

This collaboration is a meeting of souls, a mixing of mediums and an intimate interaction between three artists during a time of upheaval and change in the world. It boldly marks a moment in time.

Hanna Katarina AlexandraArt Director

I think we need to let go of the world for a moment and take a break, because it’s driving everybody nuts these days. It doesn’t help to lose your shit over the world. Best is to focus on our immediate interactions and try a little tenderness.

Anton Cerda "Sir Lemat"Songwriter

We did this collaboration during difficult times but we realized everything inside ourselves and out there is beautiful.

Rodrigo CourtneyDirector