The Revolution Will be on Netflix



The Revolution will be on Netflix.

Non Commercial short that appropriates Scott Heron´s song and Netflix (as  symbol of the Corporation) to avoid commercialization and/or distribution.

First Dance: «The night is light of a black sun»

Second Dance: «The overgrown supershit»

Vogue dancing. and contradiction!

Last Dance: «What gives us freedom is the same that ensalves us»

Accept Cookies: «Take me to the Wizard»

Cast and Crew

The Revolution will be on Netflix was shot on location in 2019 mostly in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Some extra footage was shot in Madrid, Spain.   It was made in collaboration with dance company No Bautizados from Spain.  With the help of vogue dancer Deivid Perry.  Also starring Eliza, Amanda, Eugene and Valeriya as the Anachronistic Warriors.  Featuring original music by Jamie Christ and the legendary band Cornershop.    With the help of Barden Muse of Hijacknow, NYC and Jesús de la Vega from La Tabacalera, Madrid.